torstai 23. kesäkuuta 2011


Im here again! i have got the internet :)) happy,big thing :D

last weekend i said goodbye to my friends from the school. We had very fun evening: eating pizza in the park, going to the big wheel, laughing, having fun :) after it i went to my friend`s house to sleep over :)

saturday i was just at my dad`s home and on monday too. at tuesday our biiig moving truck came and we packed up it. it was the last time at THE wasnt easy to leave it and say goodbye forever....

yesterday i was  in zurich with my mum+sister.i got finally good clothes to my friend`s confirmation:) and ofcourse i had to buy a freitag bag :))) it`s nice memory of switzerland.(ofcourse i have memories of this year and people here,but these memories are only in my mind and in my heart)

today i went to winterthur at last time. i saw few friends and i had good time with them...i will miss you <3

now im sitting and losing time doing nothing, as normally in this week...tomorrow im doing nothing too like in saturday and sunday too...:/ and on monday we will leave by car to somewhere nowhere to the i happy about that? no.

this is what i was thinking in the train today:
the feeling when you feel yourself free and you have hope of everything.the feeling when you want to live and you want more these moments what you just have had.the feeling when you know that your dreams will be someday true ♥
these are my feelings... 
i was thinking to do a new blog.again.i know...a blog, which is like a memory book and which is full of thinking,plans,ideas,poems,lists,goals,dreams. like a diary.
Pinja `s Diary. 

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